A workwear strategy that, well, WORKS!

You are in charge of the one thing you have complete control over – the way you dress for your business.

Your success is directly related to how people connect to you.  How do you attract and compel people to engage with you?   Does what you wear invite them to connect?  To put it another way, does your ‘tribe’ (the group you want to connect with) understand you want to be one of them?  By dressing in an understandable way you are transmitting the message that you want to be a participant.  Do you have to give up your ‘style’?  No, of course not.  But if you don’t make an effort to relate to them, they may not let you in.

That’s why developing a clothing strategy for your career makes so much sense.  It offers a way to create your distinctive personal brand for your career – one that gives you a consistent image every day.  Plus, it makes getting dressed for work fast and easy because you don’t have to agonize over ‘making outfits’ every morning.  And now is a great time to start creating your look for the Fall/Winter.  Call me, I’d love to work with you to update, upgrade, or re-invent your wardrobe for your business success.  Why start every day standing exasperated in your closet when you could be in and out in just a few minutes with a completely coordinated look for the day?  Let’s get started!

Top 5 rules to shopping the Nordstrom's sale

Tomorrow begins the Nordstorm’s half-year sale for those of us who don’t have their card.  What’s your best strategy to take advantage of this super-duper sale?

1.       Look for items to add (build out) to your Fall/Winter wardrobe

2.       Take inventory of what you own or bought and stashed away, so you don’t buy another pair of black booties or another cold-shoulder sweater.

3.       Have you got the bare bones of a ‘capsule’ collection in your wardrobe?  That is, CAN you mix-and-match items to create new outfits?  If not, now’s a good time to go through and see if you could create more outfits by buying additional colors or pieces you see repeating in your wardrobe to expand its wearability. 

4.       While you’re in your closet, are you missing some iconic pieces?  Look for them now.  Tall boots, jackets, pencil skirts, a colored pump or bag that would add a pop to an otherwise neutral outfit?  How about that animal print you just wouldn’t buy?

5.       Nordstrom has special sizing available for Petites, Plus, and Maternity, so save some money on alterations if you need this sizing. 

Shopping the summer sales racks wisely

I was out yesterday racing through my favorite stores at the mall and they have started their semi-annual sales!  There's everything from pre-spring collections to jackets and coats from winter still hanging around.  And at some AMAZING prices -- IF you need them in your closet.

 This is my reminder to you to NOT get lured into the "it's so cheap" mindset.  Don't bring home another piece unless you know it will mix and match with several other pieces in your wardrobe.  And a great thing to do, right now, is  another closet purge.  Give away several items before you load in what you found on sale.  Don't buy more clothes hangers!  There's almost always something you're tired of or that has just been worn too much to waste space in your closet.  

SO back to shopping.  If you're looking for pieces to coordinate with what you already own, take out your smartphone and photograph the pieces before you go shopping.  Then, when you're shopping you can see the shape of the piece, the color, if it has a funky belt or whatever so you can make a better choice.  For example, if the top has an elastic waist it usually won't work with pants with an elastic waist.  If you don't remember that, you could easily end up with a return.

Speaking of returns, find out if you're buying "final sale" items that can't be returned.  Beware.

When you're shopping stuffed racks,  it will save you time and frustration if you check to be certain there's no make-up stains (they should discount for this, but you still have to get them out at home.  Try make-up brush cleaner!)  Also, check for broken zippers, side seams that are split or pulled open, etc.  By the time some of these things are on the sale rack they've been tried on a few times and will have endured lots of wear-and-tear.

Speaking of that, check to see how to launder this item.  The FTC requires manufacturers to list fabric content and washing instructions on a label.  It's usually sewn in the side seam or sometimes in the label on the neckline.  Read it so you'll know what you're buying. 

Happy shopping and remember, Dress Like YOU Mean Business!

It's a BRAND new day

Have you ever thought about you being a brand?   Struggling with that concept?  Jeff Bezos of Amazon says a brand is "what people say about you when you leave the room".  How do you ALWAYS appear in your business office?  Do people understand who you are and what value you bring to your job?  Here's the thing, if they DON'T know who you are at a glance, you need to work on this.  Being fashionably dressed is fun, but if your fashion confuses people about who you are, it's time to take that fashion and make it work FOR you.  What you wear should message people your value and your expertise and that you deserve their respect.  Your clothes help you tell your story and control the message.  And like a good brand, your message should be CONSISTENT.  Every day, your message should be the same. Give people a shortcut to understanding you.  When people focus on your face they remember your message and YOU, and THAT's a good thing.

Remember, dress like YOU mean business!