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Marilynn Barber

It all started with a passion.

Marilynn Barber is a trained fashion designer and style strategist who is passionate about the art and craft of fashion.  Marilynn’s experience in fashion design, sewing, and costuming brings deep insight into the clothes women wear to work.  After working in corporate America, it became obvious to her that women need help developing a wardrobe strategy.   What we wear messages our values and invites people to connect.  Today, we are all a brand, and our packaging invites people to engage.

With a background in theatre and improv, Marilynn is a dynamic personality ready to teach what she knows to be true with enthusiasm and humor.  She knows that what you wear instantly sets the stage for social interaction.  What you wear changes the value of what you have to say.  Your wardrobe tells your story and you have the power to create the character you want to be. 

She lives with two sewing machines, two sergers, and a stash of fabric ready for any fashion emergency. Marilynn is a woman’s advocate ready to help YOU with your visual brand.  People believe who you tell them you are.  Are you sending the right message to unlock your full potential?  




 About Marilynn

Author and Speaker


Hello, I’m Marilynn Barber. A speaker and workshop facilitator who inspires women to think differently about their most important resource, their personal brand. Perception is reality.  We KNOW we need to get dressed every morning, but the secret is to use what we wear to engage and communicate at a deeper level to enhance our careers.  There’s a strategy that fashion has totally missed. 

I help women dress to clearly communicate their value and their expertise so they can connect deeply and capture every opportunity for advancement.  When you look right, you feel right, and you act like the confident professional you are.

My speaking is focused on the value of your professional image as a competitive differentiator and the importance of using it strategically to build a successful career. I challenge women to explore new ideas, showing them how to be more successful in tomorrow’s changing world.

I’m the Amazon Bestselling author of Dress Like You Mean Business: A Dress Strategy to Get the Career You Want.  The book is a guideline for young women to understand the deeper significance of how we dress for our careers and the basic how-to’s to make shopping easier.  Fashion is an industry driven by selling you product; your wardrobe is about creating a successful, rewarding career.

Topics include:

§  Dress Like you Mean Business (millineal or mature woman version)

§  How to Build a Working Capsule Wardrobe

§  Perfectly Professional - What you need to know to win the game

§   Corporate Boards – What Armor should YOU wear?

§  The Mature Business Woman – How to Stay Relevant


Contact me at: 832.707.9339